A city for gamers

- N  E  W -


A large sandbox world where you can do anything! ( not terreria )


There is only one goal to achive in this pvp ​dimension. Win

Ice Mage

A elaborative ideal game where you can you sit back and relax.

Dive deep into what is below. I also ran out of things to say here.

Nitro Racing

A racing game thats actuallty good and multiplayer. Isn't that good?


Minecraft MMO; something you would not expect, not in a million years..

-- O S U --

Master beats, ride rhythm; a gaming experience that evolves with you.


Superior MMO gaming, shoot away, and become the feared.

Like a IQ test but better. Pass all 11 levels and you have 110 IQ. Simple.

Flip 3D

 Sorry but.. 

 Due to how figs4pigs was built, we are sadly unable to supprt devices with a ​resolution smaller than 768px wide. We are greaty sorry for this ​inconvenience. Whilst the webpage wont show, you can still play one of our by typing in the link. 

or if you would like to use the html file version; . Just make sure that you replace the spaces in the name with "-".   :]

Note that not all games have been made by figs4pigs, and that this is just a collection of games. You can usally find originals by searching up the games name.